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Enjoy reading some of our favorite raw (but anonymized!) journals from your fellow mentors.


How does this work?

As a Workshop mentor, help you journal about life in your job. We select the most helpful journals for Workshop users, then our writing team anonymizes those journals and turns them into short stories known as "chapters." All chapters are published in the Workshop app so people can experience what life in your job is really like. Each journal you complete earns $5 of Amazon gift card, and you can earn an unlimited amount. At the end of each week, we’ll send you a gift card over email for the amount you’ve earned that week. Our mission with Workshop is to reinvent mentorship to help everyone, regardless of their background or circumstances, discover a job they’ll actually love. We’re so honored to have you join us!

How long does it take?

Most mentors take an hour at the end of their work day to kick back, relax and write their journal. Some jot down things throughout their day that they’d like to include in their journals. We’ve found that the more time you put in, the more you’ll get out of this experience.

How will my journals be anonymized?

By default, we give you a pseudonym, change the names of everyone mentioned in your journals and never mention your employer’s name. In Journal 1, we give you the option to make additional requests for your anonymization. For example, some mentors prefer to have their locations or job titles modified. You can always make additional anonymization requests by dropping us an email. Our priority is to give you complete comfort to journal freely and honestly.

Can I go faster and do multiple journals in one day?

Yes! You’re welcome to complete more than one journal per day as long as you’re not compromising on the quality of your journals. It’s up to you!

What if I need to take a few days off? Or if I have a vacation coming up?

No problem! Just let us know so we won’t bug you with reminder emails during that period of time :)

I had a boring day at work today. Should I actually write about that?

All jobs have slow periods and, believe it or not, they can be incredibly useful to learn about. Our goal is to give your mentees the most accurate look at what life is like in your job, so yes, if your job has some boring periods, we’d love for you to write about that!

I don’t know which journal number I’m on!

No worries! Just shoot us an email and we’ll review our records to figure out which one you’re on.

When will my Workshop chapters be published?

As soon as possible! I wish we could say more, but unfortunately, we can’t make any guarantees about when or if your chapters will be published. We’ll send you an email, however, to notify you when they’ve gone live! And we’ll also send you some of the comments we get from your mentees along with some cool stats about your impact :)

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