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This is Workshop

The best way to learn about jobs is from the people who have them. It’s mentorship, reinvented.


Mentors journal for you

Our diverse group of mentors writes about the days they experience in their jobs, the projects they work on, the people they work with, how they got there, and more. We protect our mentors’ identities, giving them the freedom to share everything with you.


Our writers turn them into stories

Each week, our awesome writers turn these journals into stories that are fun to read and insightful to experience. All stories are published to Workshop and are available to you for free.

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Experience life in any job, for free

Explore our library of mentors to find those whose lives and jobs you’re curious about. The more stories you read, the more you’ll learn about yourself and the jobs, industries and cultures that are the right fit for you.


It’s kind of like job descriptions, but if they actually described the job

“I’ve used a lot of job apps/products and this is definitely one of the most helpful I’ve ever experienced.  Job listings are a dime a dozen, job rating sites can be tampered with by fake reviews, but people being anonymously allowed to frankly discuss their experience in a field is a unique tool that job hunters can use to see if a job is right for them. I have gone into a job thinking my responsibility is one thing when in fact it ends up being something entirely different, and it’s frustrating!  I would much rather have a real account of what a field is legitimately like, so I go into things with realistic expectations and almost insider knowledge on how it really works. Positives and negatives. Keep up the great work because I have a feeling this will help SO many people!”

-Sara H.

“A lot of times I find it difficult to understand formal job titles and the job descriptions as it would relate to me on a personal level. They just seem like abstract concepts. So hearing first-person accounts really brought the work down-to-earth and gave me a better idea of how I would function in those roles.”

-Amira F.