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 What is Workshop?

Workshop is a mobile storytelling platform that shows you what jobs are really like so you can discover your next move.

The best way to learn about jobs isn’t from job descriptions, company “culture” videos, or your dad: it’s from the people who have those jobs today. We bring you their stories by helping them journal anonymously about their jobs and sharing their stories in the Workshop app. It’s mentorship, reinvented.



Browse our growing library of mentors to find those whose jobs and experiences are interesting to you.



Enjoy the most insightful stories about work you’ll find anywhere. Since all of their journaling is anonymized, our mentors can share their raw, honest experiences like never before.



We want to hear from you! At the end of each chapter, let us know what else you’d like to learn about from our mentors, and we’ll do our best to incorporate your requests into their future chapters.

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Become a Workshop Mentor


Grow your impact

Workshop users around the world learn from your stories. We share their reactions and the scale of your impact with you.


Improve your life

Journaling is one of the best things you can do to improve your personal life and professional growth. We’ve made it even better. All journals are anonymized so you can write openly and honestly.


Earn money

We select the best journals from our mentors to feature in the Workshop app and pay them as a reward!